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Intellectual Property Law

Saper Law’s attorneys can help you register, protect, license, and enforce your businesses  intellectual property rights.  Specifically, we handle a high volume of trademark, copyright and domain name registrations, appeals, and licensing negotiations.   We have extensive experience with the administrative procedures of the USPTO and Copyright Office, as well as bringing forth and defending against IP litigation in the areas of trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and lawsuits involving peer-to-peer networks and bittorrent protocol.


Do you need help protecting a book, music, software or some other written work?  Or do you need help enforcing your rights because someone else is holding your work out as their own?

We can help.  Saper Law has dealt with a wide range of copyright issues involving software, films, digital music, photography, jewelry, publishing, children’s books, graphic design, and more.

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Domain Names

A domain name is a valuable, sometimes vital business asset.  For businesses, a domain name can be the focal point of their commercial enterprise.  Often times, however, someone else already owns the domain names featuring a company’s name.  Worse, the owner of that domain name can hold it hostage for extravagant amounts of money.

What are your options?

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Do you need help trademarking a product or logo, or protecting or enforcing an existing trademark?

We can help.  Saper Law has experience dealing with all stages of trademark selection, registration, protection, licensing and enforcement.

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Trade Secrets

A trade secret is information that is valuable to the owner as a secret, and therefore must be protected as such.  If the owner’s competitors generally know or could easily discover the secret information, the owner could lose his competitive edge.

If you are a business owner, your success and livelihood can depend on how well your trade secrets are protected and kept confidential from your competitors.

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Social Media Law

Saper Law has extensive experience counseling clients and business owners on how to navigate the uncertain waters of traditional and digital advertising, social media marketing, legally operating sweepstakes and contests, as well as building and defending an online reputation. Additionally, if you are being threatened with a lawsuit for traditional or online defamation (libel or slander), or if you are a victim of defamation, Saper law is here to help.

Advertising Copy Review

When it comes to effective marketing and advertising efforts, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it that attracts customers and generates business. Often times, however, your company’s creative advertising could also attract investigations from federal and state regulators (FCC, FTC, Consumer Protection Units), lawsuits from competitors, or copyright issues from different outlets. How do you make sure your ads are not going to cost you more than they bring in?

We can help. Saper Law can provide your business with an in-depth advertising copy review to mitigate legal risks associated with your marketing materials.

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Defamation / Online Reputation Management

Many people believe that when they write something on a website, blog, or message board, that they are truly “anonymous” and have a free pass to say anything they want.  This feeling of anonymity sometimes leads people to post false statements in an effort to discredit another individual or harm their reputation.  On the other hand, opinions, even if they reflect negatively on someone, can be protected by the First Amendment and may not be defamatory.

The intricacies of defamation (both libel--which encompasses written statements, and slander--spoken or oral statements) are often times tricky and teeter on a fine line.  Saper Law attorneys have experience dealing with all forms of defamation and have assisted clients by bringing forth and defending against defamation lawsuits, creating an online reputation management plan and defended victims in revenge porn litigation.

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False Advertising

False advertising laws are designed to protect consumers so that no business may make false, misleading, or deceptive claims about a product’s price, quality or purpose, yet even the most honorable of business owners have a hard time understanding and complying with the various laws, guidelines, and best-practices.

Saper Law can help by providing in-depth advertising reviews for FTC, FCC, and state and local consumer protection compliance.

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Sponsorship & Influencer Agreements

A sponsorship or advertisement agreement governs the terms of the relationship between a person or entity that wants to promote a specific product or service, and the company that is hired to increase exposure for that product or service.  On the other hand, influencer agreements are used when a company seeks out an "influencer," a person who has a large audience across various social media outlets, to promote and generate awareness of a company, brand, or product through experiential advertising.

What all of these agreements have in common is that they require the parties to consider what the message will be, how the message will be delivered and to whom.  Saper law can help you create, negotiate, and enforce these important, yet complicated, agreements.

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Sweepstakes, Contests, Games and Promotions

Interested in using a give-away or enter-to-win sweepstakes to attract new customers or generate buzz about a product launch? Sweepstakes and other promotional contests are heavily regulated by both state and federal laws. Now, in addition to these government regulations, promotions run online must comply with the Terms of Service of the platforms on which they’re hosted.

We can help. Saper Law counsels a range of clients on how to legally operate sweepstakes and contests.

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Business Law

Saper Law’s corporate transactional practice assists clients with business incorporation, restructuring, as well as contract drafting and negotiation. In addition, we have acquired significant experience and recognition as one of the top 12 start-up attorneys in Chicago for our work in assisting new and small businesses with founder’s agreements, online terms of use, privacy policies, influencer agreements and various land and employment related agreements.

Contracts & Licensing Agreements

Contracts are involved in nearly every business dealing regardless of the industry, from the software and technology industries, to restaurants and hospitality.   Our attorneys understand the intricacies of balancing business and legal issues, and keep that delicate balance in mind when helping clients draft and negotiate various contracts.

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Employment Matters

If you are a business owner, your success and livelihood depend largely on the talent you hire and how well your rights are protected in your business agreements. You need high-quality, conscientious and thorough legal counsel before you share proprietary information with employees, prospective business partners or enter into an agreement with a vendor, licensor or other business.

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Formation, Incorporation, Mergers & Acquisitions

From deciding between a LLP or a LLC to negotiating mergers and acquisitions, Saper Law has experience dealing with various business formation issues for a wide range of clients. We can also assist in drafting and negotiating business agreements such as operating agreements, articles of incorporation, residential leases, and asset purchase agreements.  Lastly, depending on your business needs, Saper Law can serve as General Counsel or Counsel on retainer.

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Entertainment Law

Saper Law has helped hundreds of creative industry clients, ranging from musicians and artists, to independent filmmakers and authors with entertainment licenses and professional services related contracts, as well as litigation.  We work diligently to provide legal counsel for creative professionals and other industry persona to address the far reaching and complex legal issues that come up in the entertainment industry.


From sketch art to graffiti art, watercolors to natural ingredients, art comes in various forms.  Saper Law has experience helping our artist-clients protect their creative works by guiding them through copyright registration, licensing, drafting work-made-for hire contracts and securing moral rights protections.  Additionally, we counsel and negotiate agreements with galleries, museums, expositions and traveling exhibitions on our client’s behalf.

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If you are a designer, manufacturer, retailer or other fashion industry professional and are having a contract or licensing issue with another business or regulatory authority, you need representation from attorneys who are familiar with the complexities of the industry.  Saper Law has worked with a range of fashion and jewelry designers to address the legal issues that come up in the fashion industry.

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If you are a filmmaker, producer, or other film/television professional and are having issues with contracts, artists, privacy laws, or want guidance on how to best protect your intellectual property, you need advice and representation from attorneys who are familiar with the complexities associated with the film and television industries.  We can help.

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If you are in the music industry as an artist, producer, songwriter or some other music industry professional, and are having a contract or licensing issue with another artist, business or regulatory authority, you need representation from attorneys who are familiar with the complexities of the music world.  At Saper Law, we recognize the wide variety of legal issues facing the music industry today.  We provide services to musicians and other music industry persona in the fields of intellectual property, contract law, and internet law, as well as represent individuals who are being sued by the Recording Industry Association of America.

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From weighing the pros and cons of self-publishing, drafting and negotiating publishing agreements, dealing with distributors, registering your works with the U.S. Copyright Office, and everything else related to print and publishing, Saper Law is here to help.

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Right of Publicity

The right of publicity is an individual’s right to control the commercial exploitation of his or her name, identity, and general likeness/personality.  The right is state-based, so it can vary from state to state (statute based vs. common law).

We can help you enforce your right of publicity or defend you in actions brought against you, as well as draft right of publicity licensing agreements.

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Talent & Management

When an individual provides his or her creative services (such as a musician, a model, a DJ, or a speaker), there should be an agreement spelling out the terms and conditions for providing those services.  These agreements, typically called "host" or "talent" agreements create limited commercial relationships between the creative professional and the hiring party that defines the role, scope, and expectations of all involved.

In addition, artists and creative individuals want to focus on their craft, and so they employ others to handle the business end.  That’s the reason for and role of agents and managers. Agents/managers find an artist employment opportunities and manage the artist’s finances, administrative tasks, relationships, career decisions, and professional relationships.  For such services, contracts between the manager and the artist are critical, as they detail the nature and scope of the relationship between both parties.

Having the right talent and agent/manager agreements  in place is key, as is having an experienced counsel that will draft and negotiate these contracts. We are here to help.

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As one of the oldest of the performing arts, theater is a great American past time, but beyond the glitz and glamour of the stage, there are various legal considerations regarding the business of theater that must be kept in mind.  Saper Law is here to help navigate the various legal issues that may arise when producing a theatrical show, including creation, financing, production, and talent acquisition.

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