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Daliah Saper and her team were terrific in advising me. Very professional, and a pleasure to work with. I felt like they cared about my circumstances, and I was very pleased with how they went about handling my matter.
mike z (Mzimm)
mike z (Mzimm)
A superbly professional team of attorneys of the highest calibre and integrity. Daliah has always given special attention to her community of clients. From my perspective, as the Founder of an organization in the Entertainment, Training and Education space, this law group has consistently delivered superior advice and outcomes saving us hundreds of hours of research and tens of thousands in expenses. Representation within their field of law is unmatched (in our experience). A special shout out to Brandon Campillo, Associate Attorney. His expertise, empathy and clear communication on issues with which we have been faced, including copy- write infringements and trademarks have been answered with patience and clarity. Both he, Daliah and other staff have give us their time and personal, unselfish service with merit. Thank you.
David Stuart
David Stuart
Like many of you reading this review, I filed 3 separate trademark applications without an attorney. All 3 were rejected by THE USPTO. Subsequently, I interviewed 4 separate law firms to see if my trademarks could be saved; two law firms gave me little more than a cursory free consultation and were not interested in seeing if my trademarks could be saved only in having me refile using their law firm. Brandon at Saper Law was the only attorney who went the extra mile by following up with a written response that thought we might be able to save 2 of the 3 trademarks I had filed. He was upfront and said that he couldn't guarantee they would be accepted, but explained the reasoning and process. I engaged Saper Law to respond to the USPTO refusals for those 2 trademarks. The results were better than I expected and the USPTO dropped all refusals to these 2 trademarks and both have been assigned a publication date. It took about 7 weeks to see these results. I would highly recommend using them.
Peter Gull
Peter Gull
Mrs. Saper and her team are incredible. From the first moment I spoke to her, I knew we were in good hands. Needless to say, my legal concerns were taken care of 10 times over!! Mrs. Saper and her team are now my business exclusive attorneys. A+
Alex Denno
Alex Denno
We've been working with Daliah and Saper Law since 2018. I truly appreciate the attention she gives us, even though we're a small fish in the Chicago tech world. It's amazing to know I can call on her when I need to, and she's always there for us. She and the rest of her team are great!
Dana Ledbetter Pero
Dana Ledbetter Pero
Daliah was such a great source of knowledge. She was so concise and easy for me to understand. I am very happy with the outcome.
Polly Kain
Polly Kain
A very well-informed firm with good people working there. They were thorough and efficient in walking me through the labyrinth that is a creative contract. They even seemed genuinely interested in my work and career, rather than me being just another contract to review. Highly recommended for any creative types in need of a quality legal team!
Can lawyers be cool? The answer is yes because Daliah Saper is cool! Daliah is super smart, friendly and personable. She treats you like friend or family and not just a client. She truly cares about you and remembers important details that you may even forget. Her legal advice is top notch and her counsel is "real", and in your best interest even if it seems like your heart wants something different. Daliah is very responsive and approachable so if you are lucky enough to be represented by her, you don't have to worry about being put on the slow track like some other lawyers do. Daliah's associate, Brandon Beymer is brilliant and ensures that no detail is missed. He is very astute and will look at things from different angles to identify the best options. Working with Daliah and Brandon, you will get what's most important - great results! And don't let Daliah's nice demeanor fool you. She has a deft touch but is TOUGH. But then that's only a problem for the opposing counsel, isn't it?!
Sarti Krishnan
Sarti Krishnan
Daliah and her team went above and beyond in providing detailed and professional copyright infringement casework analysis for us, and her having our backs in this situation has made a genuine difference. She was incredibly thorough, responsive, and supportive, going to great lengths to ensure we felt understood and taken care of. I would not hesitate in reaching out to her and her team in the future if I have any questions or cases, and I highly suggest that you give her your time and consideration if doing the same. Thank you, Daliah and Saper Law
Ryan Lange
Ryan Lange

Saper Law is known for its expertise in handling business contract negotiations, drafting complex software, domain name, trademark, and copyright licensing agreements, drafting sweepstakes and contest rules, organizing new LLCs or Corporations, and generally serving as outside “inside” counsel to many creative individuals and innovative business organizations. Saper’s litigation practice is equally famous for tackling novel internet, social media, and cyberlaw cases as well as traditional cases involving breach of contract, trade secret misappropriation, defamation, trademarks, copyrights, right of publicity, and privacy. Daliah has been featured in:

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