Daliah Saper interviewed by Legal Talk Network

The podcast of Daliah’s interview on Lawyer to Lawyer, a show on the Legal Talk Network, is now available online.  Details below. Click on the links to listen!

Title:        Legal Issues Surrounding Social Media

Description:   The allure of social media has attracted businesses, law firms and the general public, but with the popularity of social media in and out of the workplace, comes potential legal issues. Attorney and co-host, J. Craig Williams welcomes Attorney Daliah Saper, Principal at Saper Law Offices and Attorney Bradley S. Shear, Founder and Managing Partner of the Law Office of Bradley S. Shear, LLC, to take a look at legal issues such as defamation, privacy issues, employee use of social media and how firms and businesses can protect themselves from a potential lawsuit.

Page URL:    http://legaltalknetwork.com/podcasts/lawyer-2-lawyer/2010/07/legal-issues-surrounding-social-media/

MP3 Link:    http://websrvr82il.audiovideoweb.com/ny60web16519/LTN/C2C/C2C_071310_SocialMedia.mp3

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