Saper Law Serves as Legal Counsel to SocialDevCamp 2010, Daliah Saper is conference facilitator

Once again, Daliah Saper will be presenting at SocialDevCamp Chicago, held August 14-15.  This year, Saper Law is also SocialDevCamp’s law firm!

Information about SocialDevCamp 2010 is below. To get all the details go to:

Also, to view the presentation Daliah gave at SocDevCamp last year, click here.

SocialDevCamp Chicago is the unconference of social application and platform developers, evangelists, and enthusiasts. The event explores emerging trends surrounding the development, business, and culture fueling the social web. Join us at the Illinois Institute Technology on August 14-15 in the architecturally awesome McCormick Tribune Campus Center. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or suggestions at info [at] socialdevcampchicago [dot] com or on Twitter @SDCChi.

The event was started in the summer of 2008 by Tim Courtney and Andy Angelos as a one-day barcamp inspired by David Troy’s SocialDevCamp East. In the ensuing three years, SocialDevCamp Chicago has matured into a two day event complete with a hackathon and industry leading speakers.