Saper Law Client, Fear No Art, showcases its latest episode on WTTW tomorrow night; Joan Cusack and Joyce Piven interviewed!

Saper Law is excited to announce that episode 3 of Fear no Art Chicago, airs tomorrow night.  Read below for more details:

Rare interview with Joan Cusack and Joyce Piven

Airs on WTTW11 on March 31 @ 10 PM!

Fear No ART Chicago

discovering the artists behind the art

Elysabeth Alfano

In Episode 3 of Fear No ART Chicago actresses Joan Cusack and Joyce Piven talk about their years together at the Piven Theatre Workshop, puppeteer Blair Thomas shows us life behind the puppets and things get messy with artist Tony Fitzpatrick. It airs on wttw11 on

March 31 @ 10 PMApril 3 @ Noon and April 6 @ 10:30 PM

and on WTTW Prime on April 1 @ 4 PM and April 7 @ 4:30 PM

Elysabeth Alfano

The Fear No Art Chicago TV show on WTTW and webisodes on take the viewer behind the scenes, where the public is never allowed, to discover the artists behind the art.

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