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Todd Wasserman of interviews Daliah Saper for his article titled: Is There a SOPA Alternative Both Sides Can Live With?

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Alternative Legislation

Google has already proposed OPEN as an alternative to SOPA/PIPA, and Erik Martin, general manager of Reddit, says OPEN is a “good start.” The OPEN House and Senate bills would use the International Trade Commission, rather than the Justice Dept. and the courts to go after foreign-based Internet pirates.

While techies are OK with OPEN, the entertainment industry is not, since making a case before the ITC could be prohibitively expensive.

However, some creative legal solutions might also address the issue. Daliah Saper, principal attorney at Saper Law Offices in Chicago, for instance, proposes a law that would require proprietors of a website to display contact information on their site. “Make it easy for an individual content owner to contact that site,” Saper says. If that’s not possible, “That should be grounds for shutting a site down.”

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