Chicago Daily Law Bulletin profiles Daliah Saper

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The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin profiled Daliah Saper and Saper Law in its January 30, 2012 issue.

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Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
January 30, 2012 Volume: 158 Issue: 20
Lawyer’s networking helps build firm
By Bethany Krajelis
Law Bulletin staff writer

Daliah Saper said her age, interest in the arts, knack for networking and a little luck shaped her law practice.

Saper, 31, founded Saper Law Offices LLC in 2005 with a laptop and no clients. Her firm, which focuses on a variety of intellectual property, business, entertainment, social media and litigation matters has since grown to include two other attorneys and a solid client list.

“I knew no one was going to hire a relatively young lawyer to handle mergers and acquisitions so I let that shape my practice,” she said. “I was lucky. A lot of things were happening at that time.”

Back in 2005, Saper said she found herself in the middle of a social media phenomenon and an explosion of technology startup companies, a combination that created a new niche in the legal profession.

While she said she “was in the right place at the right time,” those who know Saper said she deserves all of the credit.
Saper said she is glad she took the risk of starting her own firm and enjoys going to work everyday. One of her favorite parts of her practice, she said, is trying to resolve the unique challenges that come along with the Internet.

She said the court system has not caught up with social media. Saper will also soon argue what is believed to be the first social media case of its kind before the Illinois Supreme Court.

The justices agreed to hear the case, but have not yet set a date for oral arguments. The case is Paula Bonhomme v. Janna St. James, Nos. 112393 and 112398 cons.

In addition to taking cases on the subject, Saper frequently speaks on social media. She said she will travel to a conference in China this week to talk about how social media sites relate to the airline industry.

Sandy Rueve, founder of She Beads, a handmade clay jewelry company, said she met Saper at a networking event for local designers about seven years ago and immediately hired Saper to replace her longtime corporate attorney.

Rueve said Saper didn’t just take the time to get to know her company’s legal issues, but took it a step further by coming to her studio “just to get a feel for my business.”

“She understands my needs and understands them quickly and explains things clearly,” Rueve said. “She is so easy to work with and has a great personality. I love her and I can say that without hesitating.”

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