Saper Law now accepts BitCoins as payment for services

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Saper Law Offices prides itself on being on the forefront of all things new and technological!  Accordingly, we are proud to announce that our office now accepts Bitcoins as a form of payment.  Bitcoin is the world’s most widely used alternative currency.

As a digital currency, Bitcoin payments can be made via cell phone using an online Bitcoin wallet, such as Coinbase.  Bitcoin wallets are used for sending, receiving and storing Bitcoins.  Some Bitcoin wallets, such as Coinbase, also allow users to buy and sell Bitcoins using a bank account.  Bitcoin transfers can be made instantly between any two people around the world.

Bitcoin wallets have an option to accept Bitcoin currency as a merchant.  Saper Law Offices has recently starting using this merchant option to accept Bitcoin currency as a form of payment for client services.


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