Daliah Saper to Speak At: From JOB to M.O.B. (My Own Business) Planning Conference

Daliah Saper will present at the From JOB to M.O.B. (My Own Business) Planning Conference on April 24. The Conference will take place from April 23 to April 25, 2015 at Dana Hotel & Spa, 660 North State Street, Chicago, IL, 60654. This hands-on intensive conference provides entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools to develop their business while freeing more time and money for personal and professional goals.

Her presentation, titled “Making Your Online Legal,” will occur on Friday, April 24th, 1:45-5:30PM. Daliah will speak about domain name protection, social media contest and sweepstakes rules, copyright laws and content issues, managing a brand’s online reputation, and FTC disclosure rules governing the use of endorsements.

To register for this intensive conference, visit the website for the event at www.fromjobtomob.com.