Chicago Sun Times Quotes Daliah Saper in Article Covering Defamation suit against Smollet Lawyers by Osundairo Brothers

The Chicago Sun Times recently quoted Daliah Saper in its April 24, 2019 article: To win Jussie Smollett suit, brothers may need to do what prosecutors didn’t

The article explores how the Osundairo brothers recently filed a lawsuit against Jussie Smollet’s lawyers for defamation. The brothers claimed that the two lawyers continued to smear their name on national TV and the media, even after the charges against Smollett were dropped about a month ago.

Saper Law represents Plaintiffs and Defendants in Defamation lawsuits on a regular basis:

Daliah Saper, a Chicago lawyer who has handled numerous defamation cases, said few such cases go to trial, with the vast majority either dismissed or settled. Few people want an intense, detailed examination of the truth of scandalous allegations, and there are accusations against both Smollett and the Osundairos that are going to be subjected to depositions and subpoenas.

“They’re going to be kind of putting themselves on trial, because immediately [Geragos and Glandian] are going to make the defense that these statements are true,” Saper said. They will also argue more technical legal matters, such as whether the Osundairos are public figures or the statements were intended to be taken as factual, Saper said. 

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