ABA Journal Interviews Daliah Saper about Providing Legal Commentary on Television

The ABA Journal recently published a long form piece about attorneys that regularly appear on television to provide legal commentary.  Daliah Saper was featured in the article for her media contributions covering unique practice areas. namely cyber bullying, online defamation, revenge porn, social media, and other internet and tech related issues.


Daliah explained how she makes time for TV appearances in between court appearances, client meetings, and depositions.  Her offices’ close proximity to network studios helps with making these quick appearances.

Daliah Saper, can walk to most of the local TV studios from her office. For example, she says, describing a recent morning, “I have a deposition and an appearance on Fox 32’s Good Day Chicago morning program. I’m going to be at the studio at 8:45. I’ll be on air at 9:17 for a segment that will be no longer than five minutes, and then I’ll walk to my depo [that starts] at 10.

Daliah also described some of her more interesting cases and the ones that have garnered international attention.

Expertise in a hot-topic area can give an attorney an edge in getting hits. Some lawyers can comment generally on social media law, but few can explain in-depth the emerging issues of anonymous online defamation, sexting, revenge porn, cyberbullying and catfishing. Saper’s expertise in those areas propelled her into prominence when she took a headline-grabbing case in 2008 that went to the Illinois Supreme Court in 2012 (Bonhomme v. St. James). Her client claimed she was the victim of an elaborate social media hoax in which a woman posed as a man online and defrauded her of thousands of dollars in gifts.

Requests for Saper to speak poured in from media outlets “all over the planet,” she says, including Europe, Asia and North America. That put her on the fast track as a broadcast legal commentator on ABC, CNBC, Fox News and local Chicago stations.

She then recounted how she was able to utilize her connections with producers and reporters in order to provide commentary on different cases.  For example, Daliah  described a trip to New York to discuss a catfishing case  on 20/20:

Saper, too, was plucked from a recent vacation, but it required a longer trip to the studio. When she was vacationing in Mexico with her family, a big case hit the news that was totally on point with one she had litigated.

I had made friends with the 20/20 producers, so I sent a quick email saying, ‘Hey, if you want commentary, let me know.’ I heard back within two hours,” she says.

She expected a phone or Skype interview, but the producers wanted her to do a live interview in the studio in New York. She told them she’d have to decline because she was in Mexico, but the network solved that pronto: “No problem. We’ll fly you here and give you a hotel room.” When Saper said she didn’t have business clothing with her, they asked what size she wore. After a brief hold, they said she could borrow an outfit from one of the producers. And off she went.

It was a fun, whirlwind adventure out of that simple email, based on the relationship I had built,” she says.

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