Daliah Saper Presents at CBA’s Election Law Committee Meeting

On April 9th, 2021, Daliah Saper gave a virtual presentation to the Chicago Bar Association (CBA) on common intellectual property (IP) issues faced by election law practitioners. 

The topics covered included trademarks, copyrights, as well as other IP adjacent issues like defamation and right of publicity. Using recent case law as examples, Daliah outlined common defenses to infringement and defamation claims.

The complexity of navigating press coverage, licensing agreements, and political branding make elections ripe for IP legal issues. However, politicians can leverage IP law to their advantage, suggests Daliah. Trademarking slogans, using work for hire agreements, and obtaining clearance for any photos used for ads are each solutions to potential IP problems.  

To request a copy of the presentation please contact Saper Law or email Daliah directly at ds@saperlaw.com