Recap of Saper Law’s Processing the AI Revolution Seminar

Real-time Visual Notes created by Ink Factory.

The illustration above was created by an Ink Factory artist, a real human, during Saper Law’s AI presentation on Tuesday. Could AI have created as awesome an illustration, especially in real time? Maybe. Should artists be worried? That’s one of the issues the panel explored.

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Multiple images of doctors created by AI.

The first panelist was Sam Glassenberg, founder of Level Ex, a company that creates video games for doctors. Millions of doctors play games on the platform to get CME credit. Glassenberg explained how generative AI is modeled after the human brain and provided some of Level Ex’s use cases for AI. For example, the people in the image above are all AI-generated.

The second panelist to speak was AI ad consultant Tony Grossman who gave examples of animations he created using Stable Diffusion, a generative AI platform for creating art. Grossman argued that artists should incorporate AI into their workflows as it can empower them to work more productively.

Publisher and investor Jeff Joseph also detailed how tools like ChatGPT signal a transformational moment in technology that has significant cultural, investment and job implications. Joseph warned that those working in the creative industry have to leverage AI tools or risk being replaced by AI.

Daliah Saper discussed recent lawsuits against generative AI platforms wherein the plaintiffs are alleging copyright and trademark infringement, breach of contract and related state law claims. The algorithmic training process to create AI-generated content typically relies on large datasets of copyrighted material. Even though AI programs can answer bar exam questions better than 90% of all test takers, she doesn’t think lawyers will be out of a job any time soon.

Daliah predicts that AI platforms and content creators will ultimately enter into complex licensing deals. Soon, we may consume AI-generated works the same way we consume music on streaming platforms. 

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