Daliah Saper is a regular guest on national broadcast news networks, and is a frequent lecturer, panelist and instructor for organizations around the world. Daliah’s presentations focus on tech, internet, social media and business-related issues.

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Sample Topics:

In this seminar, Daliah explains the following:

  • the difference between copyright infringement and fair use when sharing content online
  • FTC disclosure guidelines regulating endorsements via social media
  • what to do if your company is the subject of a derogatory post or review online
  • the pros and cons of having a detailed social media policy
  • how to defend your brand/trademark from domain name and username squatting

As a transactional lawyer and litigator, Daliah regularly negotiates on behalf of her clients. However, most business negotiations take place before lawyers are involved. In this seminar, Daliah explains how to successfully negotiate your business deals. Along with overseeing mock negotiation exercises, Daliah will address the following commonly asked questions:

  • What are the common barriers to a successful negotiation?
  • Which bargaining style is most effective?
  • How do you prepare for a successful negotiation?
  • What questions do you need to ask during the negotiation?
  • What clues does your counterpart’s body language give away?

Alongside the rise of selfies, smartphones, and social media, a more sinister phenomenon has emerged: non-consensual pornography. Sometimes called “revenge porn” because it often involves a disgruntled ex, this unscrupulous behavior can be onerous to combat. It is, of course, notoriously difficult to permanently remove anything from the internet, and those responsible often act anonymously. Daliah Saper has emerged as a leader in the fight against revenge porn, representing several victims in court and discussing the topic at major venues including SXSW and The New York Porn Film Festival. At this seminar, Daliah will discuss the options available to victims as well as steps being taken to generally combat the phenomenon.

In this seminar, Daliah reviews the legal challenges small business owners need to address. She will cover business entity selection, formation, and maintenance, and will explain the difference between trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and patents. She will also discuss the legal implications of social media such as online defamation, intellectual property infringement, and social media policies.

New online tools and popular social networking sites allow for greater collaboration and exchange of ideas, but these same sites can be used to spread false statements that cause harm to individuals or their businesses. Indeed, some sites exist solely to encourage users to vent or divulge inside information about employers, employees, organizations, and even ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. For this seminar, Daliah will provide an overview of defamation law and use relevant examples of cases she has handled to illustrate the challenges involved with prosecuting or defending online defamation cases. Topics will include discovering the identity of anonymous posters, tolling of the statute of limitations, jurisdictional issues, and the liability (or lack thereof) of websites like,,, and

It has been over six years since the FTC issued its revisions to the Federal Guidelines Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, but many businesses are still not sure how to properly abide by these standards and are ignorant of their liability for deceptive advertising. For example, popular apparel company Ann Taylor recently received a warning letter from the FTC for its blog-for-gifts program, and Legacy Learning Centers coughed up $250,000.00 to settle with the FTC after the FTC filed a formal complaint against the company. This Saper Law seminar seeks to demystify the FTC disclosure rules. Daliah Saper will first provide an overview of the FTC regulations and then recommend tools businesses can use to comply with these rules. It doesn’t have to be complex or difficult for advertisers to ensure that blog posts, Facebook updates, and even Tweets meet disclosure obligations under FTC, FDA, SEC, and other regulations.

Avoiding accidental copyright infringement is more important than ever in the realm of social media. Websites all over the internet invite you to “share” their content with your Facebook friends or tweet it to your Twitter followers. What are the legal limitations on what you can share and where you can post it? Can you post an entire newspaper article to your personal blog? Make your professional wedding photos into an album on Facebook? Upload that amazing news story to YouTube? Daliah answers these questions and more during this seminar.

The 2016 presidential campaign saw extreme hostility between candidates, the increased importance of social media campaigning, and the rise of “fake news.” These new phenomena coalesce to raise important legal questions. When does mudslinging become defamation? What legal responsibilities do social media services and users face when dealing with misinformation? How can these services monitor their high-profile users’ actions without provoking backlash? At this seminar, Daliah will explore the increasingly important intersection between politics and Internet Law.

Building a new website for your business, or overhauling an existing but outdated site? Unless you’re especially tech-savvy, you’re probably planning on outsourcing the work–but if you aren’t properly prepared, using a web developer can cause more problems than it solves. What if the developer quits midway through the project, reuses the code to build a site for a competitor, or leaves and steals your ideas? Daliah represents dozens of small businesses and has seen their web development process go well and not so well. This seminar is a chance for business owners to review best practices and potential pitfalls.

As children’s unsupervised access to the internet increases, so does their exposure to online harassment. Social media is often misused for bullying or worse, and it can be difficult for parents or other guardians to monitor and stop this behavior. As a result, cyber harassment has become profound enough a problem that most states have enacted laws to combat it. In this seminar, Daliah will review high-profile cases of cyberharassment and cyberharassment laws, and discuss what to do if your child is bullied online.

This seminar centers on the idea that while IoT opens the door to a lot of exciting opportunities, it also presents many new legal challenges.  In this seminar, Daliah will highlight a few key legal considerations to keep in mind when dealing with businesses, products, or new innovations that operate within the IoT.

Brands are increasingly running contests and sweepstakes on social media platforms to engage their users and build brand loyalty. Is this type of promotion legal? Attend this session to make sure your version of the “ice bucket challenge” doesn’t get you into hot water.