Non-Disclosure Agreements Explained

  This is the third in our 3-article series on restrictive covenants. Read our first article on Non-Competes here, and read our second article on Non-Solicits here.  Nondisclosure agreements, also known as “NDAs,” protect against the unwanted disclosure and dissemination of valuable, confidential information. In the corporate context, NDAs help businesses protect their competitive advantage and market share. NDAs can be unilateral or mutual. Unilateral agreements are typically between an employer and an employee. In these agreements, the employee agrees to not reveal the employer's confidential information. Mutual agreements, on the other hand, are typically between businesses. Both parties, in Continue Reading

Non-Compete Agreements Explained

This is the first in our 3-article series on restrictive covenants. Read our second article on Non-Solicits here, and read our third article on Non-Disclosures here.  If you are an employer, you have probably asked your employees to sign an agreement containing a non-compete clause.  If you are an employee, you have likely signed an agreement containing a non-compete clause. However, just because someone signed a Non-Competition clause doesn’t mean the non-compete provision is enforceable. Non-Compete agreements must meet certain legal requirements to be binding.  Is My Non-Compete Provision Enforceable? The law generally disfavors restrictions on commerce. Covenants not to Continue Reading

Want to Get Involved in the Cannabis Industry?

This article provides an overview of new Illinois laws governing the sale and distribution of cannabis. The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act legalized recreational cannabis in Illinois on June 25, 2019. Since January of 2020, customers have been legally able to buy their recreational cannabis from dispensaries. Under the Act, the legal age to purchase cannabis is 21 years old. In Illinois, there are currently 56 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, 34 of which are also permitted to sell recreational cannabis. These numbers are likely to increase in the future, making cannabis more accessible than ever. Q: Who can apply for Continue Reading

Non-Solicitation Agreements Explained

This article is the second in our series explaining restrictive covenants in employment agreements. Read our first article on Non-Competes here, and read our third article on Non-Disclosures here.  Covenants to not solicit (or “Non-Solicitations” or "Non-Solicits" for short) are more limited than Non-Compete agreements. Non-Solicits only prohibit an ex-employee from soliciting his or her former employer’s clients or employees. Non-Solicits generally require (1) consideration, (2) the protection of a legitimate business interest, and (3) must be for a reasonable duration. Consideration Like Non-Compete provisions and agreements, Non-Solicitations must have valid consideration.  This means the employer must “give something” to Continue Reading

Quarantine Entrepreneurs: Why This Is a Great Time to Start Your New Business

With many states enforcing “stay-at-home” orders and social distancing policies, 26 million Americans have found themselves underemployed or unemployed. Here in Illinois, over 500,000 people have filed for unemployment in the last two months. Self Employment Increases During Difficult Times Entrepreneurs are often born in times of hardship. Indeed, a 2009 study (the year after the last great recession) found that 57% of that year’s Fortune 500 firms had gotten their start during previous recessions or bear markets. Examples of companies started in the wake of the 2008 recession include Square, Venmo, Groupon, Slack, WhatsApp, Uber, Pinterest, and Instagram. Of Continue Reading

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Photos and recap from “Style at Saper” Seminar!

Saper Law’s Fashion Practice hosted another Style Seminar on April 16, 2019. The event was held at the AZEEZA Flagship showroom at 900 N Michigan Avenue.  Designer Azeeza Khan is a longtime Saper Law client. During the event, attendees perused Azeeza's 2019 Spring/Summer collection, networked with other professionals, and learned about style tips and wardrobe trends from internationally renowned stylist, Tali Kogan of Tel-Aviv Couture. Daliah Saper also presented on social media law, discussing the legal pitfalls associated with user-generated content and utilizing images posted by influencers. She also covered related trademark, copyright, and rights of publicity issues. Follow Azeeza Continue Reading

Chambers and Partners 2019 Once Again Ranks Daliah Saper as Top Media and Entertainment Lawyer

Saper Law is proud to announce that international research firm, Chambers and Partners, has recognized Daliah Saper as a top Media and Entertainment Law attorney in Illinois. Chambers and Partners is considered the gold standard in attorney ratings, employing 170 full-time researchers who use a scientific methodology to create a definitive set of rankings for lawyers in different areas of law. The firm conducts thousands of interviews and works with attorneys and clients alike to determine which individuals and firms rise above the others in the legal industry amongst their practice areas. Based on a careful assessment of various criteria, Continue Reading

Daliah Saper To Present at “Trademarks and Copyrights 101” Workshop at Score Chicago

Daliah has been presenting to new and aspiring entrepreneurs at SCORE’s Chicago office for over 13 years. Her lectures primarily focus on start-up business and intellectual property legal issues.   During the June 10th workshop at SCORE Chicago, Daliah Saper, Principal Attorney at Saper Law, will answer the following questions: What is a Copyright? What is a Trademark? How do Trademarks and Copyrights compare to Trade Secrets and Patents? What is involved with the registration process for copyrights vs. trademarks? How much does trademark and copyright protection cost? How long does protection last? When do you use an SM, TM, or ®? Continue Reading

Daliah to Speak at 32nd Annual NW Bankruptcy Institute In Oregon

The Oregon State Bar has invited Daliah to speak at the 32nd Annual NW Bankruptcy Institute on April 5-6 in Portland, Oregon. As a part of the OSB-CLE Seminars, the Institute will address legal ethics and social media, share tips and strategies tor using social media to develop and enhance a bankruptcy practice, cover topics including Chapter 7 and 13 Trustee hot topics, student loan considerations, Chapter 11 cramdown interest rates, and the highs and lows of marijuana business bankruptcy. A 9th Circuit case review discusses recent developments, while the Judges Roundtables will provide opportunities to speak with Oregon and Continue Reading

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2018 Saper Law Holiday Party: Highlight Video

We loved catching up with clients and friends at Saper Law's 2018 Holiday Party at Moxy! View highlights from the evening by clicking the video link below and scroll down to see how Saper Law can help you in 2019! If we didn't see you, we'd love to reconnect and hear what you're working on! As a reminder, we can help you with: Getting your IP and Brand Portfolio in Order Need to copyright new photos, videos, web content, music, etc? Need to trademark a new slogan? Need a domain and user name audit? Running a sweepstakes or contest? Hiring influencers to Continue Reading

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