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Daliah’s Presentation on “Inspired-by” Jewelry Can be accessed here

If you missed Daliah's presentation to the YLS Intellectual Property Law Committee today, you may access her powerpoint here: CBA Presentation 12.3.08  Daliah's presentation was titled:  "Designer" Jewelry vs. "Inspired-By"Jewelry: Intellectual Property Infringement and Unfair Competition Considerations . In her talk, Daliah provided an overview of copyright, trademark, and unfair competition laws as they are applied in cases concerning jewelry.   

“Designer” Jewelry vs. “Inspired-by” Jewelry: Intellectual Property Infringement and Unfair Competition Considerations

“Designer” Jewelry vs. “Inspired-by” Jewelry: Intellectual Property Infringement and Unfair Competition Considerations   By: Daliah Saper, Saper Law Offices, LLC with assistance from her law clerks: Nicolas Jaramillo, Northwestern ’10, and Adam Urbanczyk, John Marshall ‘09 Continue Reading

September Saper Law Seminar: “IP Valuation and Trade Secret Protection: What are your customer lists and ‘special sauces’ really worth?”

If you missed the September Saper Law Seminar on IP Valuation and Trade Secret Protection, you can view and download Daliah Saper’s presentation below. What is Intellectual Property, and how do I establish such rights?  How much is my Intellectual Property worth?  What steps must I take to protect my trade secret, copyright, patent, or trademark?  Find the answers to these questions and others in the presentation below. Download:   September Saper Law Seminar: IP Valuation and Trade Secret Protection Continue Reading

Daliah’s SocDevCamp Powerpoint Presentation Available Online

Daliah presented the following presentation at SocDevCamp Chicago on Saturday August 9, 2008:Legal Liability under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Communications Decency Act Presented by Daliah Saper, Saper Law Offices, LLC Download PowerPoint slides: Legal Liability under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Communications Decency Act Continue Reading

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Daliah Saper is Guest Columnist for ICNC

Posted Monday, June 17, 2008 Daliah Saper is this month's Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago featured guest columnist.  In her June 2008 ICN article, she writes about topics in intellectual property law, including trademarks, copyrights, and patents.  Daliah explains the advantages entrepreneurs and business owners secure from protecting the value of their intellectual property.  The column may be accessed online:

Save the Date: Saper Law Open Source Symposium 2/17/09

SPONSORS:   As a software developer, do you utilize open source code in the work you deliver clients? As a business, do you integrate readily available open source tools into your business applications? ...into products you sell? As a software vendor, have you ever considered limiting others' use of code your team generates through licensing? If so, do you know if you are complying with all of the license terms within the open source code you are using? As lucrative as leveraging open source may be, licensing is tricky. Can you afford to be wrong? On February 17, 2009 the Continue Reading

Using a Photograph for Commercial Purposes – Copyright and Right of Publicity Law

If you are in business, chances are that you are involved in some sort of advertising or promotion for your goods and services. Say that you give out some of your products to a celebrity and photograph her with the products. Can you now use that photograph in your advertising?  Or perhaps you learn that a famous football player has been using your product. Can you use his name in promoting your product? What if you just want to use the name or picture of an individual with no claim to fame? And what if you didn’t take the picture Continue Reading

Negotiating Book Publishing Agreements

In negotiating and reviewing book publishing contracts, authors may typically first receive a standard, boilerplate contract. Still, most of these terms are considered negotiable, and should be reviewed by your attorney. Royalty calculations, rights granted, publication issues, revisions – all should be on the table for discussion. What follows are some important provisions that the author should be aware of: Continue Reading

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