Non-Compete Agreements Explained

This is the first in our 3-article series on restrictive covenants. Read our second article on Non-Solicits here, and read our third article on Non-Disclosures here.  If you are an employer, you have probably asked your employees to sign an agreement containing a non-compete clause.  If you are an employee, you have likely signed an agreement containing a non-compete clause. However, just because someone signed a Non-Competition clause doesn’t mean the non-compete provision is enforceable. Non-Compete agreements must meet certain legal requirements to be binding.  Is My Non-Compete Provision Enforceable? The law generally disfavors restrictions on commerce. Covenants not to Continue Reading

Daliah Speaker to Speak at the North American Entertainment, Media, and IP Law Summit in Grand Cayman

The North American Entertainment Law Summit delivers a four day continuing legal education conference, focused on constantly evolving topics within the entertainment, sports, media, and intellectual property law fields. On November 10, 2018, Daliah Saper will once again serve as a panelist at the 30th Annual North American Law Summit.  The last few years she has discussed social media law but this year she will join a panel of high profile speakers to discuss the pros and cons of appearing on national news broadcasts.  Her session is titled: Legally On TV: On Air Personalities. For more information click here.

Saper Law To Host Social Media Advertising Seminar at Duran European Sandwiches

On Wednesday, June 4th at noon, Saper Law will be hosting an exciting and informative luncheon geared toward helping small business owners navigate the uncertain waters of social media marketing.  The seminar will take place at Duran European Sandwiches &  Cafe, located at 529 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642. Topics include: domain name protection, social media contest and sweepstakes rules, copyright laws and how you can or cannot re-purpose content, managing your brand's online reputation, and FTC disclosure rules governing the use of endorsements. A light luncheon from Duran European Sandwiches will be served.   Enjoy curated specials of three Continue Reading Interviews Daliah Saper

On April 22, Vlad Moldavskiy of interviewed Daliah Saper about her firm, her practice area, and various internet-related intellectual property issues. To see the entire interview, click the link below:

Saper Law Attorneys Present at the Chicago Creative Expo

On Friday, March 14, Daliah  Saper and Shyla Jones presented "Law 101 for the New Business Owner" at the Chicago Creative Expo hosted by the Chicago Cultural Center. The presentation covered a host of startup and business-related topics, including business entity formation, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, contracts, licensing, and other intellectual property issues. Daliah and Shyla also fielded a number of questions from the entrepreneurial audience. It was a great discussion and a fantastic event.                         

Aaron Midler Speaks at SCORE

  On April 9, 2013, Saper Law Associate, Aaron Midler, lectures at SCORE to new business owners about the importance of trademark registration and related intellectual property issues. SCORE Chicago provides free business counseling, management consulting, and low-cost workshops.    LEGAL GUIDANCE FOR YOUR BUSINESS:   Tips for Starting and Running Your Small Business This workshop addresses the legal challenges that a small business person confronts when starting and expanding a business. Aaron Midler will explain the difference between trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and patents. Workshop attendees will also learn about the legal implications of social media, ie online defamation, intellectual property infringement, and social media policies. Course Continue Reading

Register Now for October’s Seminar at Saper Law: Non-compete, Shamcompete—those contract terms aren’t enforceable anyway….right?

Register Now for October’s Seminar at Saper Law: Non-compete, Shmamcompete---those contract terms aren’t enforceable anyway….right? Saper Law attorneys regularly draft non-compete, non solicitation, and non disclosure agreements. At the same time, they are in court litigating the enforceability and applicability of these agreements. October’s Seminar at Saper Law focuses on all things “non compete.” During the hour long seminar, Daliah Saper, Principal Attorney at Saper Law, will address the following commonly asked questions: - What do the provisions of a non-compete really mean? - How is a non-compete different from a non solicitation clause and from an NDA (Non-disclosure or Continue Reading

Daliah Saper’s Legal Presentation for Small Business Owners is available for viewing and listening on SlideShare

Daliah Saper regularly presents to small business owners about the legal issues most affecting their start ups. Daliah's presentation covers selecting a strong legal and accounting team, choosing a business entity (Sole Proprietership v General Partnership, C Corp v S Corp v LLC ), filing a trademark or a copyright registration, and drafting important contracts. Thanks to Grant Crowell, this presentation is now available for viewing and listening You can find Daliah's presentation and view more webinars from Grant Crowell. If you have any questions about incorportating your business, trademarking your brand or logo, or protecting your intellectual property, contact a Continue Reading

Saper Law’s Sales Rep Agreements Seminar

January’s seminar at Saper Law focused on the topic of Sales Representative Agreements. Daliah Saper, Principal Attorney at Saper Law, lead the presentation using case studies and sample contracts. Her discussion addressed payment and commission structures, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, territorial and geographical boundaries, intellectual property (ie trademarks, copyrights, patents) ownership, as well as the Illinois Sales Representative Act. To request a free copy of the powerpoint, please contact Saper Law.

September Saper Law Seminar: “IP Valuation and Trade Secret Protection: What are your customer lists and ‘special sauces’ really worth?”

If you missed the September Saper Law Seminar on IP Valuation and Trade Secret Protection, you can view and download Daliah Saper’s presentation below. What is Intellectual Property, and how do I establish such rights?  How much is my Intellectual Property worth?  What steps must I take to protect my trade secret, copyright, patent, or trademark?  Find the answers to these questions and others in the presentation below. Download:   September Saper Law Seminar: IP Valuation and Trade Secret Protection Continue Reading

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