Saper Law’s clients include artists, non-profit organizations, design firms, various start-ups, and established businesses.

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A very well-informed firm with good people working there. They were thorough and efficient in walking me through the labyrinth that is a creative contract. They even seemed genuinely interested in my work and career, rather than me being just another contract to review. Highly recommended for any creative types in need of a quality legal team!
Can lawyers be cool? The answer is yes because Daliah Saper is cool! Daliah is super smart, friendly and personable. She treats you like friend or family and not just a client. She truly cares about you and remembers important details that you may even forget. Her legal advice is top notch and her counsel is "real", and in your best interest even if it seems like your heart wants something different. Daliah is very responsive and approachable so if you are lucky enough to be represented by her, you don't have to worry about being put on the slow track like some other lawyers do. Daliah's associate, Brandon Beymer is brilliant and ensures that no detail is missed. He is very astute and will look at things from different angles to identify the best options. Working with Daliah and Brandon, you will get what's most important - great results! And don't let Daliah's nice demeanor fool you. She has a deft touch but is TOUGH. But then that's only a problem for the opposing counsel, isn't it?!
Sarti Krishnan
Sarti Krishnan
Daliah and her team went above and beyond in providing detailed and professional copyright infringement casework analysis for us, and her having our backs in this situation has made a genuine difference. She was incredibly thorough, responsive, and supportive, going to great lengths to ensure we felt understood and taken care of. I would not hesitate in reaching out to her and her team in the future if I have any questions or cases, and I highly suggest that you give her your time and consideration if doing the same. Thank you, Daliah and Saper Law
Ryan Lange
Ryan Lange
This is the second time that we needed Saper Law Office and we are very pleased, Daliah is very professional and responsive, this was very important to us since we had a lot of attorneys says that they can protect us but when you have suce profesional attorney like Dliah and her team that understand well the case and know how to protect you and how to get the necessary leverage you cannot go wrong! The value that they took for their work was very good so you cannot go wrong here and you'll get excellent work, highly recommended!
Baby In Car
Baby In Car
Saper Law has been helping me with copyrights and intellectual property questions, contracts, and contract disputes since 2007. Daliah and her team have always responded to my questions and requests quickly. Their guidance has always been spot on. Moving forward with new projects is loads less terrifying when you know you have trustworthy legal support. Call them!
Celia Bucci
Celia Bucci
Thank you Saper Law Offices for creating this beautiful contract. I got the budget and all clear from the city to start bringing on my contractors. I found the contract you created easy to use and modify as needed. Again, Thank you for your time and great efforts. They are appreciated.
Antonia R.
Antonia R.
Dahlia and her team made a process I was completely unfamiliar with (and to be honest, a bit afraid of!) super easy and smooth. They went above and beyond by giving me info/resources about protecting my artwork and made me feel incredibly comfortable with every question that came up. I highly recommend!
William Crisafi
William Crisafi
Daliah and her team are exceptional at what they do! They managed to help me with a suit I was named in and got me a settlement that I could afford. I'd highly recommend Saper Law for their knowledge, professionalism and how helpful they are! They have made it seem so easy at what they do and managed to get my issue sorted very quickly, and I'm extremely grateful for that. They have even given me guidance for the future too. You will not regret using them!
Stuart Brown
Stuart Brown
I love this law firm. I have worked with many lawyers and firms over the years. Most are not as easy to work with, as transparent about fees, as accessible, and competent as Daliah and her people. Also, I am happy to be working with a woman-owned firm. PatriciaBarberMusicLLC
Patricia Barber
Patricia Barber
Daliah and her staff is what gives attorneys a great name! Trying to start a NFP foundation (Make A Wag) in the midst of COVID-19 chaos could have been a nightmare. Daliah made it easy. She was always diligent and encouraging. Her continuous updates were most impressive despite the US Patent Offices' closings and the delays those closings created. Daliah worked diligently for our trademark approval. Further, she provided us with valuable information regarding successfully operating a NFP organization, which can have many complexities. We sincerely thank Daliah not only for her knowledge and professionalism, but also for her kindness, concern and interest for us during the trademark process. Thank you, Daliah!
Pat Sutarik
Pat Sutarik

Saper Law clients at the 2021 Sweet Sixteen Summer Soiree at Shore Club

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Saper Law clients at the 2018 holiday party at Moxy

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Saper Law clients celebrate the firm’s 10th anniversary in 2015

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Charlie Falls, President, Demi & Cooper Advertising

Wesley Braden, VP of Business Development, Tru-Colour Bandages

Michael Wright, President, WBPhotoplay

Mike McGee, CoFounder, The Starter League

Todd Jones, Founder, Every Last Morsel

Carolina Posse, Educator and Media Producer, WBPhotoplay

David Lasker, Founder & CEO, News Exposure

Mark Lawrence, CoFounder & CEO, Spothero

Matt Blake, Co-Founder, Job Spectrum

Alexandra Rueve, Marketing Executive, She Beads & He Beads Company

Andrew M. Stroth, Managing Partner, Action Injury Law Group

Dan Verakis, SVP, Cramer-Krasselt

Toby Meisenheimer, Founder, Go Mission Grip

Charlie Greengoss and Adam Victorn, CoFounders & CoOwners, Vinyl For A Cause

Paul Friemel, Director of Design, Ript Apparel

Nichole Rairigh, Founder, The Apparel Agency

Barry Moltz, Shafran Moltz Group

Eric Fine, Founder, History Trees

Francine Friedman, President, Francine Friedman Associates

Tyler Mose, CEO, Indirap Productions

Lephate Cunningham, Junior, Managing Partner & CEO, HotelBlox, LLC

Jerry Smith, Executive Producer, Reel Story Productions; Tony Grossman, Senior Integrated Producer, Leo Burnett

Steve Green, Founder & CEO, #Foodiechats

Hope Bertram, Owner, Digital Megaphone

Christopher Rollyson, Founder, CSRA

Representative Corporate Clients

Fuzzy Math, LLC

Abbey Pub

Bedol International Group, Inc.

Chicago Actor, LLC

The Bell Process, LLC

Great Lakes Arts Studio

Mathew D. Walker Publishing, Inc.

Bridges Media Group, Inc.

CIO Talk Radio

Errant Gene Therapeutics, LLC

Two-Bit Operation, LLC

Brothers in Blue Motorcycle Club

Ow Myeye Productions, Inc.

Litetronics International, Inc.

Speedit Software, LLC

Daphne Willis & Co.

Indestructible: Documentary

Barkada Creative, LLC

Life Skills Authorities, LLC

Ron Perrillo, Jazz Musician

Principle Dance, LLC

She Beads, Inc.


LightMart, Inc.

White Rabbit, Inc.


Chicago Micro

Fiodan Corporation

Inspirations By Diane

Chicago Fashion Week

Digital Bootcamp, Inc.

8L Media, LLC

Montague Films, LLC

FreyDesign Productions

Chicago Motion Pictures

Drury Design, LLC

Wired Resistance

Chicago Portfolio School

Women in Film, a Non Profit Corporatio

WDS Design Group

Steven Johnson Photography

Emed, Inc.- Silk Peel

Abbey Pub

WordSlingers For Hire

Horigan Urban Forest Products, Inc.

Spirited Style

Jewelry Lessons. Com

Reel Story Productions, Inc.

Hotel Blox, LLC

Advanced Diamond Technologies Inc.

Hosted Labs, LLC

Enlightened Research, LLC

Complete Connection Parenting

Tennis on the Lake, LLC

Fatzo Baby, LLC

Maddock Douglas

The Tektite Group, LLC


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