A domain name is a valuable asset that can be vital to business success. For businesses, a domain serves as the focal point of their commercial enterprise. Unfortunately, often someone else already owns the domain names featuring a company’s name. Worse yet, the owner of that domain name has the power to hold it hostage for exorbitant amounts of money. What are your options?

Saper Law can help clients secure their desired domain names from cybersquatters and trademark infringers through a mix of letters, negotiations, and arbitration actions. Additionally, we have successfully defended clients in federal court, UDRP proceedings, and URS proceedings.

Our domain name services include, but are not limited to:

  • Secure a domain name from a competitor
  • Acquire a domain name from a cybersquatter
  • Sell a domain name to a third party
  • Defend ownership of a domain name against lawsuits and arbitration proceedings

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