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IMPORTANT: The Chicago Department of Administrative Hearings now requires that an attorney must represent all businesses at administrative proceedings, including ordinance citation hearings. Click here to read more.

How Chicago Ordinance Citation Hearings Work

At most hearings, an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will decide whether the City has enough evidence to go to trial (though sometimes a settlement can be reached with the city attorney before the case goes before the ALJ). A court will dismiss the case if the facts are insufficient to support the violation recipient’s liability or if the City improperly documents the Administrative Notice of Ordinance Violation (ANOV). Otherwise, the recipient will be given a chance to explain and defend his case before the ALJ determines whether the recipient is liable.

Common Ordinance Violations

Building Code Violations

The City of Chicago’s Buildings Hearings Division hears the cases brought on by the Building, Fire, and Zoning Departments. The most common violations that a building owner will receive are for unkempt state; improper permit for advertising; or safety, structural, plumbing, or electrical problems in the building. However, they are mostly concerned with structural problems that pose a risk to public safety. Since this is so important, fines are frequently given and can reoccur daily as long as the violation hasn’t been fixed.

Business Violations

When companies fail to obtain a license or improperly display it, the City of Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) steps in. They also issue tickets for deceiving business practices and overweight vehicles. The BACP will issue an Administrative Notice of Ordinance Violation (ANOV) for violating one of the codes of the Chicago Municipal Code. The City of Chicago Environmental Safety & Consumer Affairs Hearings Division then hears these cases.

Common business ordinance violations include:

  • No Business License (MCC 4-4-020(a))
  • Failure to Display Business License Insignia (MCC 4-4-210)
  • Deceptive Practices (MCC 4-276-470)

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