If you’re an entrepreneur starting up a business or an existing business owner seeking to reorganize, you need to choose your company’s business structure very carefully. Whether you choose to conduct your business as a partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), limited liability corporation (LLC), S corporation, or some other entity, your choice can have huge implications on decision-making, taxation, and legal liability. There are additional, unique factors to consider if you are operating a technology business.

Saper Law attorneys have experience helping a wide range of clients form their businesses. We are here to assist with related issues that arise in daily operations, such as drafting and negotiating employment and intellectual property agreements, articles of incorporation, residential leases, technology licenses, terms of use and privacy policies, asset purchases, and licensing agreements.

Business law cases handled by Saper Law Offices include:

  • Drafted LLC operating agreements and corporate articles of organization for various businesses, ranging from software companies to retail candy stores.
  • Negotiated an asset purchase agreement for a computer-based training company involving tangible assets, trademarks, domain names, and custom software.
  • Successfully defended a web developer and website maintainer in state court against claims of trade secret misappropriation involving website design and customer lists.
  • Represented a software company in federal litigation in a dispute with a client and former employees over ownership of financial trading software. The lawsuit, which ultimately settled, involved copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and other related claims.
  • Filed and prosecuted a portfolio of trademark applications and prepared trademark assignment agreements for a software company.
  • Drafted a complex software consultancy agreement detailing each phase of the development project and all surrounding business matters.