Entertainment Law

From fashion designers to musicians to filmmakers, Saper Law represents a broad spectrum of entertainment industry professionals and businesses. Our firm’s expertise in media and technology means we stay up-to-date on the ever-shifting legal landscape of the industry, and we understand the unique complexities and challenges of individual areas such as music, film, fashion, and visual art.

From negotiating complex licensing deals to protecting intellectual property, Saper Law attorneys have the expertise required to manage the legal and business affairs of entertainment clients large and small.

Entertainment cases handled by Saper Law include:

  • Represented record label and musical group in trademark dispute over band name.
  • Represented musical venue in Chicago in dispute over licensing fees with performance rights society.
  • Assisted several filmmakers in gaining the permissions necessary for using songs and other copyrighted works in their films.
  • Drafted operating agreement, corresponding copyright agreements, and other production, location, and crew agreements for film project.
  • Provided counsel for documentary filmmaker launching a web-based television program.
  • Set up limited liability company, prepared operating agreement, and provided a variety of production contracts for a feature-length film on the film festival circuit.
  • Counseled documentary filmmakers on use of a university’s name, another company’s advertisements, and television footage for appearance on cable news channel.
  • Represented filmmaker in negotiation of new DVD distribution agreement.
  • Represented musician in pursuit of unpaid licensing fees from grant of synchronization and soundtrack rights.
  • Reached favorable settlement in dispute involving unauthorized recording and radio play of musician’s performance.
  • Advised client negotiating book publishing agreement for instructional/educational book.
  • Assisted children’s book author in securing copyright on the text of his book and on illustrations created by another.
  • Assisted jewelry company in defending trademarks, resolving contract disputes, securing new trademarks and copyrights, and reviewing marketing materials.
  • Assisted fashion designer in evaluating strength of trademark rights and instances of possible trademark infringement.

Visual Art

Saper Law has experience helping visual artists ranging from sculptors to graffiti artists protect their work by guiding them through copyright registration, licensing, drafting work-made-for hire contracts and securing moral rights protections. Additionally, we counsel and negotiate agreements with galleries, museums, expositions and traveling exhibitions on behalf of our clients.

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If you are a designer, manufacturer, retailer or other fashion professional and are having a contract or licensing issue with another business or regulatory authority, you need representation from attorneys who are familiar with the complexities of your industry.

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If you are a photographer, filmmaker, producer, or other film/television professional and are having issues with contracts, artists, privacy laws, or intellectual property protection, you need advice and representation from attorneys who are familiar with the complexities of your industry.

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If you are an performer, producer, songwriter or some other music industry professional having a contract or licensing issue with another artist, business or regulatory authority, you need representation from attorneys who are familiar with the complexities of the music world. At Saper Law, we provide services to music industry professionals in the fields of intellectual property, contract law, and internet law; we also represent individuals who are being sued by the Recording Industry Association of America.

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Whether weighing the pros and cons of self-publishing, drafting and negotiating publishing agreements, dealing with distributors, registering your work with the U.S. Copyright Office, or anything else related to print and publishing, Saper Law is here to help. Our attorneys' familiarity with the publishing industry allows us to offer nuanced counsel and assistance with publishing legal issues large and small.

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Right of Publicity

The right of publicity is an individual’s right to control the commercial exploitation of his or her name, identity, and general likeness/personality. Saper Law can help you enforce your right of publicity or defend you in actions brought against you, as well as draft right of publicity licensing agreements.

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Talent & Management

When an individual provides his or her creative services (such as a musician, a model, or a DJ), there should be an agreement spelling out the terms and conditions for providing those services.  These agreements, typically called "host" or "talent" agreements, create limited commercial relationships between the creative professional and the hiring party that defines the role, scope, and expectations of all involved.

Many creative individuals want to focus on their craft, so they often employ agents and managers to handle the the these and other business dealings. Agents and managers find employment opportunities for artists and manage finances, administrative tasks, career decisions, and professional relationships. Contracts between managers/agents and talent are critical, as they detail the nature and scope of the relationship between the parties. For talent, having the right contract in place is just as important as having a reliable agent or manager.

Saper Law attorneys are familiar with the legal complexities faced by talent; we regularly draft both talent agreements and representation/management agreements. We also provide experienced counsel when conflicts over such agreements arise.

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Theater as an art form may be ancient, but the laws that affect it change regularly and can be difficult for even experienced theatrical producers to navigate. Saper Law attorneys can help you understand the legal nuances that surround theatrical production and draft the necessary agreements, from space and talent acquisition to marketing your show.

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