Host and talent agreements create limited commercial relationships between parties. When a band records an original song for a film or a motivational speaker performs at a company retreat, there should be an agreement detailing the expectations of both parties. Depending on the needed services and on the contracting parties, the agreement may need to comply with certain talent union regulations or with other agreements.

Common Issues:

  • How are the creative services rendered to be used?
  • Will the creative services be rendered once or multiple times?
  • How will compensation be provided?
  • Can the host prevent the talent from working for a competitor?
  • What type of credit will the creative party receive for the final product?
  • What level of control does the creative party have over the final product?

What Saper Law Can Do:

  • Help your business or creative group craft/negotiate an agreement
  • Help you comply with any union and guild policies
  • Bring a lawsuit for breaches of your agreement
  • Defend against claims that you or your business violated your talent agreement

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