Intellectual Property

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Saper Law has years of experience helping clients understand the complex world of intellectual property. Our firm has extensive experience with copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and issues relating to domain names. Our attorneys regularly file applications to register copyrights, trademarks, and domain names with the appropriate government entities (USPTO for trademarks, US Copyright Office for copyrights, and ICANN for domain names), answer registration appeals or office actions, craft licensing agreements, and defend or bring forth infringement lawsuits.

When it comes to trade secrets, our objective is to maintain the secrecy of our client’s proprietary information. We counsel our clients on strategic safeguards they can use to prevent disclosure of their trade secret. If disclosure has occurred, we zealously represent our client via aggressive litigation and work tirelessly to minimize further harm.

Intellectual Property litigation comes in many forms. Whether it be suing over the improper or unauthorized use of a client’s mark, artistic work, or trade secret, or defending a client against claims of infringement, Saper Law has extensive experience with intellectual property litigation.  Additionally, with the rise of file sharing, Saper Law has successfully represented defendants of Peer-to-Peer and BitTorrent litigation, as well as individuals sued by the Recording Industry Association of America, and the Motion Picture Association of America.

IP cases handled by the Saper Law Offices include:  

  • Developed a trade secret protection program for a software company to maintain trade secret protection for confidential information, computer programs, and internal processes.
  • Successfully defended a web developer and website maintainer in state court against claims of trade secret misappropriation involving website design and customer lists.
  • Represented a software company in federal court in a dispute with a client and former employees over ownership of financial trading software. The lawsuit involved copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and other related claims.
  • Represented a retailer and achieved a favorable settlement in federal litigation involving trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, and counterfeiting claims.
  • Evaluated a proposed settlement during trademark infringement litigation on behalf of the client interested in purchasing the company that was subject to the infringement claims.
  • Responded to the threat of an opposition proceeding involving a pharmaceutical trademark and resolved the matter favorably for our client.
  • Enforced the client’s trademark rights by preventing a former employee from using a similar trademark in starting a competing company.
  • Filed and prosecuted a portfolio of trademark applications and prepared trademark assignment agreements for a software company.
  • Succeeded in opposition proceedings against a former band member seeking federal registration of the band name through falsified specimens.

Do you need help protecting your book, music, software, or other written work? Saper Law has experience in a broad range of copyright matters. Our skilled attorneys resolve copyright issues involving software, films, digital music, photography, jewelry, publishing, children’s books, graphic design, and more. Click here to begin the process of copyrighting a work, or click here to schedule a consultation to discuss other copyright issues. For information specific to software and technology, click here. Learn more about our Copyright Law services here.
Domain Names
A domain name is a valuable asset that can be vital for a business's success. For businesses, a domain name serves as the focal point of their commercial enterprise. Unfortunately, often someone else already owns the domain name featuring a company’s name. Worse yet, they have the power to hold it hostage for exorbitant amounts of money. Saper Law can help you evaluate your options and secure the domain name you need. Click here to schedule a consultation to discuss domain name issues. Learn more about our domain name services here.
Do you need help trademarking a product or logo or protecting and enforcing an existing trademark? Saper Law has experience dealing with trademark selection, registration, protection, licensing, and enforcement. Click here to begin the process of registering a trademark, or click here to schedule a consultation to discuss other trademark issues. Learn more about our Trademark Law services here.
Trade Secrets
A trade secret is a private piece of information that gives its owner a competitive edge. Trade secrets can range from a bakery's secret cookie recipe to computer codes and software algorithms. A business's successes can depend on how well its trade secrets are protected and kept confidential from competitors. Saper Law can help you navigate trade secret laws to make sure your secrets are safe and your business is protected. Click here to schedule a consultation to discuss trade secret issues. Learn more about our trade secret services here.