Technology and Software Agreements

Technology and software programs can get different types of protection depending on what you want to protect. For instance, for algorithms, methods, interface features, operating system techniques, and program language, a patent can be obtained, whereas, for the source and object code, a copyright is used.

Common Issues:

  • Who owns the work product?
  • What sort of license and/or grant of rights are you entitled to?
  • What happens to the pre-existing intellectual property that you incorporate into a development project?
  • Are your ownership interests adequately protected if you are not paid for the services you provide?

What Saper Law Can Do:

  • Help you draft and negotiate various software and technology agreements, including:
    • Software Development Agreements
    • Software Licensing Agreements
    • Software Consulting Agreements
    • Master Services and Statements of Work
    • Software as a Service Agreement
    • Website terms of use and privacy policies

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