Sponsorship and advertisement agreements require the parties to consider not just what the message of the sponsorship or advertisement will be, but how the message will be delivered. Without such an agreement, a myriad of conflicts can arise that can undermine or completely derail the advertising. Saper Law can help implement an agreement that clarifies terms including exactly what product or service is being sponsored, how an advertised business is to be portrayed, and what the overall terms of the parties’ relationship will be.

Common Issues

  • Who owns the advertisements?
  • Where do the advertisements appear and for how long?
  • How much control does the sponsor have?
  • Is the sponsorship agreement exclusive or non-exclusive?
  • Who can terminate the agreement and when?
  • Who gets final say when a disagreement arises?

What Saper Law Can Do

  • Help you to create a sponsorship or advertisement agreement
  • Help you secure any rights related to an advertisement like right of publicity, trademark, or music clearances
  • Bring a lawsuit for breaches of these contracts
  • Defend against claims that you or your business failed in performing these contracts

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