Visual Arts

If you’re an artist in the visual arts industry and are having a contract or licensing issue with another artist, business or regulatory authority, you need representation from attorneys who are familiar with the complexities of the visual arts world.

We can help.

At Saper Law Offices, we provide artists with legal services in all art-related areas and intellectual property areas where artists may need help. Many artists need assistance with copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property matters, as well as general business issues, and contracts of all kinds.

Our representative legal services in the Visual Arts include:

  • Copyright registration & licensing
  • Drafting work for hire and copyright assignment agreements
  • Obtaining protection under the Visual Artists Rights Act
  • Drafting of contracts and licensing agreements
  • Copyright infringement
  • Right of Publicity

Here are examples of recent cases involving the visual arts handled by the Saper Law Offices:

  • Prepared necessary contractual agreements for an innovative art gallery that displays artwork digitally and produces and sells artwork prints.
  • Assisted local artist in securing trademarks to assist in branding her unique holistic art.
  • Drafted agreements to clarify independent contractor status between company and graphic designers/illustrators.

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