Daliah Saper Lectures at Illinois Institute of Technology NetSecure 2011 Conference

This Thursday, March 24, Daliah will be speaking at IIT’s NetSecure2011. Here is the abstract of her presentation:

Anonymity Online: When Should Your IT Department Reveal Information Related to an IP Address? The explosion of computer technology and communications has spawned a new area of litigation and legal concerns with regard to the constitutional expectation of privacy in Internet communications.  The Stored Communications Act, 18 U.S.C. § 2703, enacted in 1986, represents Congress’ attempt to strike a fair balance between the privacy rights of individuals who have entrusted the contents of their electronic communications to Internet service providers and the government’s legitimate interest in gaining access to such communications when investigating crimes.  Daliah Saper, Principal Attorney for Saper Law Offices, LLC will discuss the interplay between the Stored Communications Act and Petitions for Discovery in a corporate setting.  She will also field questions about related laws such as the Communications Decency Act.

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