Daliah Saper featured in Huffington Post Business

On Thursday, May 21st, Saper Law’s Principal Attorney, Daliah Saper, was featured in a Huffington Post article outlining the new legal issues surrounding LinkedIn and other social media such as cyberstalking and cyberharassment.

The article notes that members of social media are advised to use discretion while accepting connections online; however, even with care some harmful connections may cross the line.  When that happens there are different ways to respond.

According to Saper, “Unless a statement is reputation-damaging or threatening, it is best not to pursue.” In fielding unwanted sexual advances from a LinkedIn connection, Saper adds: “When a woman feels that something is the least bit ‘off’ about someone at any point in the process, she should trust her intuition and disengage.”

As Daliah notes, you must make a judgment call on whether to pursue action on a possible online harassment or stalking case. To contact Daliah about cyberstalking or cyber harassment issues, or any other digital media issue, please call or email Saper Law at (312) 527-4100 or email Daliah: ds@saperlaw.com.

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