Intellectual property and entertainment clients steadily flow into this innovative young lawyer’s growing practice.

Television news producers in Chicago and beyond know that if they want a catchy sound bite about cyber bullying, sexting, revenge porn, or just about anything else concerning Internet or entertainment law, they‘ll get it from Daliah Saper. From her position at the helm of a Chicago firm, Saper Law, that she launched a decade ago when she was fresh out of law school, Saper has been interviewed on air “countless” times, and has a highlight reel on her web site to show for it. In one clip, a news anchor exclaims, “You’ve always got a great way of breaking it down for us.” In another snippet, Saper displays her knack for doing just that in a segment about a popular social media site’s ban on porn. The site now has “a no nipple, no problem policy,” Saper quips.