Saper Law Featured in Illinois Bar Journal

The Illinois Bar Journal recently interviewed Daliah Saper about her social media savvy and asked her about online marketing best practices.  The article is titled  Supercharged Social Media Marketing and is in the January 2016 issue of the Illinois Bar Journal.

Here is an excerpt:

illinois bar journalBuild a following. Above all, Saper says, you need to get out there and make connections. “It’s daunting for many people to get started,” she says about building a following on Twitter and other social media.

“Start with the 100 people you engage with, build your lists, go to groups, and organically build it up,” she says. “Start with 100, and that turns into 150. People are afraid that they’ll have no followers. But it’s no different than with a newsletter or building a mailing list. You have to build an eyeball list. Follow certain lists on Twitter; join groups on LinkedIn; retweet and thank a person who posted something.”

Let your true voice be heard. Whichever platform you’re posting to, Saper advises infusing your content with a personal touch. “No one wants to…be talked at and sold to,” she says. “If you’re just pushing content out and not engaging, it won’t be effective. If you want [social media] to be another website for you, that’s fine, but if you want to make connections, and engage and build a following around your practice, it takes a little bit of time. You want to post something about the firm that’s not all business; you want to post something about yourself.”

As a corollary to that, Saper warns against blindly outsourcing your social media outreach. “People say, ‘I’ll just hire somebody to do it,'” she says. “If you don’t properly manage that, you can do a lot of damage [by seeming inauthentic]. It should be your voice.”

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