Designer Roundtable Seminar Great Success

pic-reduced-2.JPGOn December 9, 2008, Saper Law Offices held its first ever Designer Roundtable event.  Attendees ranged from jewelry and fashion designers to event planners and brand managers.  Some attendees, including Steven Rosengard, former Project Runway contestant, brought their couture pieces or unique designs to showcase at the event. The roundtable discussion focused on a variety of business issues, both legal and operational. Daliah Saper served as the moderator and discussion leader for a number of key subjects, answering questions about business incorporation, the hiring of independent contractors vs. employees, filing copyrights and trademarks, and how to obtain business licenses.  Other important issues discussed were accounting for sales tax, record keeping, and public relations strategies. 

The designers and business owners in attendance shared tips on increasing sales and recommended participation in various Chicago events including: the One Of A Kind Show & Sale, Stylemax, Shop Chicago, Renegade Craft Fair, and Chicago Art Department www.chicagoartdepartment.orgAdditionally, the following websites were provided as resources for designers:,,, and www.craftlister.comThe roundtable concluded with the attendees participating in a case study exercise. Another roundtable event is scheduled for the Spring.

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