Saper Law Fashion Event featured in Chicago Lawyer Magazine

Reprinted with Permission from Chicago Lawyer Magazine:

Bringing clients together

In home on September 25, 2009 at 9:25 am

Lawyers Christine Svenson and Daliah Saper not only share a building, but they also share a common interest in bringing their clients together.

Svenson, of Svenson Law Offices, and Saper, of Saper Law Offices, recently hosted a fashion trunk show that was attended by about 100 people. The fashions were provided by Tali Kogan, who runs Tel Aviv Couture.

Saper said she does a seminar every month to highlight a different practice area. Every five months she has a fashion event, such as a fashion show or a fashion roundtable, because she represents clients from the fashion industry. She likes bringing her clients together.

It is important to treat the law as a business, and create ways to build a niche and a brand around the firm so that the practice stays in people’s minds, she said.

“It’s just a lot of fun and an opportunity to give my clients something fun to go to. And my clients get to meet each other,” Saper said. “More importantly it’s another way to promote Saper Law, and show that it’s a firm doing interesting things.”

Svenson said she has divorce clients that she also helps with employment and family law issues. She sometimes sets her clients up on dates, and she thought the event would help lift their spirits.

“It really was a great way for women to feel good about themselves again,” Svenson said. “I’m helping [my clients] not only get back on their feet financially, but also back into the social scene.

“I only take cases from individually that I actually personally believe in and like because you have this bond with your client. You want to help them not just with the financial implications of what they’re going through. I want to see the aftermath. I want them to have a good outcome five year or 10 years down the road.”


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