Saper Law at Social Media Week Chicago September 19-23, 2011

Next Monday marks the beginning of Social Media Week.   Far more than just a (free) conference, Social Media Week offers a global perspective on emerging trends in social and mobile marketing. In addition to the 50 + events taking place in Chicago, simultaneous Social Media Week events will be taking place in Beirut, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Glasgow, Los Angeles, Milan, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Vancouver.

Daliah Saper is on the Advisory Board of Social Media Week Chicago, and will be presenting on three different legal issues related to social media. The first deals with social media policies, employment laws, and employee rights to privacy, the second focuses on online defamation and managing on online reputation, and the third highlights the new FTC disclosure rules as they relate to blog posts and other social media.  Daliah will be presenting with some other high level CEOs and representatives from interesting social media related organizations.  To read more details and to register, click on the links below:

Monday, September 19th 3:00 PM

You have a Facebook page that you use for both work associates as well as your personal friends, and you occasionally post work-related things there. If you leave your company, are they going to try to take your Facebook account away?
You built up your LinkedIn business connections and are proud to have over 5,000 contacts, at least half of them gotten after your company paid for a professional subscription. When you decide to quit your job and join another firm, would you be surprised if your former employer tried to gain control of your account?
You use Twitter to write personal things to your friends, but one day you gripe about having to work outrageous hours for your employer on a new business pitch to The NoName Company. You mention that your client there is a total witch. Is your speech is protected or should you worry that you will  get fired or sued?
Ask Daliah Saper, attorney and principal at Saper Law Offices about what to do in these scenarios.  Daliah will also touch on the legal issues around Intellectual Property: copyrights, trademarks, trade secret protection, technology and software protection.

Location: TribuneTower, 435 North Michigan Avenue, McCormick’s Office (24th floor Conference room)
Cost: Entrance is free with registration.

Tuesday, September 20th 9:00 AM

New online tools and popular social networking sites allow for greater collaboration, exchange of ideas, and, of course, the quick and easy dissemination of information to a wide network of people.  However, people can use some of these sites to spread false or defamatory statements that cause harm to individuals or their businesses, leaving those on the receiving end feeling helpless.  Given the inherent lack of control, it’s critical that websites have a responsible system in place to ensure users who are seeking to “vent” or divulge inside information about employers, employees, organizations, and even ex girlfriends or boyfriends are not successful.
The first half of the seminar will be led by Daliah Saper, Principal Attorney at Saper Law Offices, LLC.  Daliah will provide an overview of defamation law and use real world examples of cases she has handled to illustrate the challenges involved with prosecuting or defending online defamation cases.
The second half of the seminar will be led by Mark Britton, CEO of, the largest legal- and health-related Q&A website, where consumers get their questions answered by a community of rated lawyers and doctors.  Mark will discuss ways to “own” your online presence. He will give tips on how to maximize positive reviews and respond to negative or lackluster reviews in a responsible way that demonstrates professionalism and willingness to solve problems.
Location:  TribuneTower, 435 North Michigan Avenue, Huron Room
Cost: Entrance is free with registration.

Pay Me to Like You: An Overview of The FTC Disclosure Rules as Applied to Social Media

Friday, September 23rd 2:00 PM

It has been over a year since the FTC issued its revisions to the Federal Guidelines Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Unfortunately, businesses are still not sure how to properly abide by the new Federal standards and are ignorant of their liability for deceptive advertising. For example, popular apparel company, Ann Taylor, recently received a warning letter from the FTC for its blog-for-gifts program and LegacyLearningCenterscoughed up $250,000.00 to settle with the FTC after the FTC filed a formal complaint against the company.
This seminar seeks to demystify the FTC disclosure rules. Daliah Saper will first provide an overview of the FTC regulations and then introduce Tom Chernaik, CEO of  CMP.LY. Thanks to CMP.LY it doesn’t have to be complex or difficult for advertisers to ensure that blog posts, Facebook updates and even Tweets meet disclosure obligations under FTC and soon, FDA, SEC, and other regulations.
Location: TribuneTower, 435 North Michigan Avenue, CampbellHall
Cost: Entrance is free with registration.

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