May Seminar Participant Feedback

A few e-mails from participants who attended the May Seminar at Saper Law–Food Based Business ventures:

I really enjoyed this event. It was a very interesting and exciting panel of experts in the food industry who represented many facets of that industry. These events never seem long enough because they are so interesting. You did a great job asking questions of the panel as well.  I spoke to a few of the panelists after the event and they were very helpful in answering my questions.
Keep up your great work and a big thank you for keeping your clients connected to such interesting and successful business people and innovators. I so appreciate the opportunity to participate in these events. They inspire me to continue focusing on my Entrpreneural ideas, beliefs and ways to make them happen.
Best Regards,
C. Therese
I loved the event and topic.  Although my professional interests are not in the food industry per say, I was extremely inspired by the “leap of faith” of the panelists.  Dare to dream and even if someone says it will never work, push ahead and stay with your concept.  This is something I can relate too as an early investor and visionary with Tom.  Loved the space too.

Thank you – it was great. You are the best – your fan,

Ruth Wagner —VP Sales/Shareholder–CMP.LY


I found every thing i heard very informative. Most of the comments from your panel that applied to us were things that confirmed our thoughts. such as the negatives of groupon and discounting. sticking to quality and stop chasing the dollar. Costomer service. We got alot out of it.

Thank you, Tim


Thanks for yesterday’s invitation and for hosting a great event. You really do a wonderful job moderating and keeping the conversation interesting by asking compelling questions. I’ll definitely be attending future events.

Thanks, Chris


I endorse the entire event in terms of the highly respected group of business people,of their unique status, experience, success and to shared information of value. The key to the event was the fine job you demonstrated in ( mcing ) the  dialogue and talking points of their profile,mentors and Q an A session was brilliant in moving the conversation forward.It was very cordial, focus and friendly seminar. A final comment, keep me in mind for the next event.