Fox News Interviews Daliah Saper regarding Senate Bill 1005 and Violent Flash Mobs

Attorney Daliah Saper is a highly regarded cyber-law expert who specializes in internet and social media issues. She regularly serves on advisory panels and on national and local television to discuss controversies affecting internet and social media law and regulation. Ms. Saper was recently interviewed by Fox News to discuss the implications of SB 1005, Illinois’s latest efforts to curb the use of text messaging and social media networks to coordinate “violent flash-mobs”.

Signed into law by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn on May 18, Senate Bill 1005 increases a 1-3 year jail penalty to 3-6 years for those who use text messaging and social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to organize flash-mobs. Flash-mobs have become increasingly more violent in recent years as groups of young people have apparently been using social media to organize flash-mobs as a cover for criminal conduct. The bill also allows law enforcement to requisition location data from Internet Service Providers without first obtaining a warrant or subpoena.

Watch the video clip below to hear more.
Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

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