Fox News Chicago interviews Daliah Saper regarding Instagram photos

Fox News reporter, Tisha Lewis, interviewed Daliah Saper about a series of lewd photos taken covertly by a CTA passenger and posted to popular social media site, Instagram. Watch the video and read the news story below:

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Women, watch out.

A person sent us an email about an Instagram account filled with risqué pictures of women riding the Chicago Transit Authority’s trains and busses.

“I question whether or not the laws today are keeping up with technology,” said CTA rider Jill Blanchard.

Pictures of crossed legs, feet, behinds and cleavage snapshots accompanied by sexually explicit comments fill the user Watchingu069’s Instagram account which boasts, “Chicago I’m watching. I ride the CTA 24/7 and I love taking pictures of beautiful women.”

“We do need to rethink about and implement new laws based on the advance technology,” said Blanchard.

Despite the disturbing posts, the law is on the Instagram user’s side.

The Chicago Transit Authority says, “The general public is permitted to use hand-held cameras to take photographs, capture digital images, and videotape within public areas of CTA stations and transit vehicles for personal, non-commercial use.”

“The answer is it’s most likely legal. Unless there is a camera that is being used for someone’s skirt on the CTA or it’s being used in a way that you wouldn’t expect such as invading your private space, there really isn’t any overt legal recourse a person can bring,” said Attorney Daliah Saper, a cyber-law expert.

The victim tells us she reported the user to Instagram after she saw a picture of herself on this page but the account remains active.

An Instagram spokesperson emailed Fox 32’s Tisha Lewis saying, “Once a photo or comment is flagged by a user, the support team then reviews the material and sends the violating users a warning or disables the account.”

“I guess you can’t really protect yourself because everybody has a phone that has a camera on it and everybody post pretty much anything on the internet and you can’t monitor everything little thing people post on their websites and one of those little things might be a picture of you that you didn’t approve of,” said Sarah Daniels, a CTA rider.

Fox 32’s Tisha Lewis reached out to WatchingU069’s via Instagram and did not receive a response.

The woman who contacted us warns Chicagoans to be aware of their surroundings. CTA says riders who see inappropriate behavior should report it immediately to police or CTA personnel.

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