Daliah Saper named Inspirational Woman of June 2013 by The Skinless Project

Daliah Saper is honored to have been selected as the Skinless Project’s June Inspirational Woman. Read the profile below:

Inspirational Woman June 2013:

Daliah Saper


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Daliah Saper is the definition of multifaceted.

Lawyer, professor, mother, volunteer, leader, mentor, entrepreneur.  A Chicago-based lawyer who has argued in front of the Illinois Supreme Court, teaches as an Adjunct Professor at two law schools, volunteers for several art-related initiatives, and pays it forward by being a mentor to other legal professionals.  Her work has led her to be named on the Law Bulletin’s “40 under 40? list, and has been named  by Super Lawyers magazine as a “Rising Star” five years in a row.

Daliah’s rich background and passion for her work has continued to drive her in all areas of her life, whether it be at work or at home.  Her drive has pushed her to great levels of success at such a young age.   The SkinLess Project is proud to announce Daliah Saper as this month’s Inspirational Woman!


You have created quite a name for yourself in the legal world. Before we indulge in the present, tell us about your past. Where did you grow up and what is your background?

I was born in Iran, and I immigrated to Chicago with my family when I was six years old. I attended the University of Illinois for both my undergraduate and legal education. I was always passionate about speaking and writing, and these interests helped lead me toward my career as an attorney.

Who in your childhood pushed you to go for your dreams, specifically is there someone who always motivated you?

My parents always led by example and were supportive of my goals. While my parents did not put unfair pressure on me to exceed, there was an unspoken expectation that I maximize the opportunities they made available to me as a result of their sacrifices. If I need to choose one specific person other than my parents who pushed me, it would have to be my 8th grade teacher Mrs. White. She was really remarkable!

You have a diverse background, has this enriched or taken away from your journey thus far?

My background has certainly enriched my journey thus far, and it has given me a broader perspective. As a member of a Jewish family from Iran, I learned quickly the reality of being in the minority. This allowed me to learn how to respect others for their differences and has led me to be an advocate for those who also feel underrepresented. My own diversity helps me relate to a multitude of people, and my experiences have forced me to transition well in various business social and professional settings.

Read the full interview here http://skinlessproject.com/inspirational-woman-june-2013-daliah-saper/


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