FOX News interviews Daliah Saper about Google Glass

Fox News Reporter Tisha Lewis interviews Daliah about the legal implication of new technologies like Google Glass. Watch the interview below:

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) –

“Ok Glass, take a picture,” said Fox 32’s Tisha Lewis as she tried on a Google Glass – the wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display.

Only 40 Chicagoans were invited to test the new device including Local Viewpoints’ CEO Gib Olander who showed Fox 32’s Tisha Lewis how Glassworks.

“And I just took a picture,” said Olander as he demonstrated.

“So now I can share that picture with Google Plus or I can email it out or I can share it with Twitter or Facebook,” said Olander.

“Google put out a tweet, saying how would you use Google Glass… What I said is I’d explore and find new business… I said I would use it to coach in sports and record fundamentals to help kids,” said Olander.

Olander’s tech company reviews items for companies around the world – he says the gadget’s top three pros include, “The fact that you can be hands free and access all of the magic and wonder of Google and search. I think being able to share photos with friends and family very easily and have a camera that’s easily accessible through voice commands that’s also very powerful and then I like the directions when you’re walking around,” said Olander.

The cons? Poor Wi-Fi connectivity, limited search results and privacy concerns.

“So if you’re talking to me and your Google glasses are recording our date for example and broadcasting it to the internet, that can be a real issue,” said cyber law expert Attorney Daliah Saper.

In response Google says, “In each case the illuminated screen, voice command or gesture all make it clear to those around the device what the user is doing.”

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