FOX NEWS Interviews Daliah Saper about OKCupid User Experiments

On July 29th, FOX NEWS 32 interviewed social media expert and Saper Law Offices principal attorney Daliah Saper about the OKCupid user experiment scandal.

In the wake of the controversy surrounding Facebook’s “social experiment” on its users,  OKCupid–one of the world’s most popular internet dating website–conducted its own user experiment.  The website intentionally misrepresented the comparability of users in order to measure the effect on the odds of communication between those users.

In the Fox News interview, Daliah explains how User Agreements for such social media websites are usually so broad that any experiment conducted on users is almost always legal. The most effect action a user can take, therefore, is simply to not use the site.  Otherwise, users will remain at the mercy of site’s Terms of Use.


To see the entire interview, click on the link below:

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