Daliah Saper to Speak at Small Business Entrepreneur Expo

For her sixth-year running, Daliah Saper will speak at the Chicago Small Business Entrepreneur Expo  on October 3, 2014.  The Expo, which offers a full day of free expert workshops, draws thousands of participants each year and a legion of business and political leaders.  Daliah’s presentation will be entitled:  Can I Do That Online? During the hour- long presentation, Daliah will focus on the legal implications of doing business online.  Her speech will cover:

  • Domain name squatting/ Trademark Infringement
  • Losing control of your website (bad developers, no work for hire)
  • Freely copying content off the internet, risking copyright infringement;
  • Right of Publicity problems
  • Posting of inappropriate or offensive content (online defamation issues);
  • Leaking classified, private, or other sensitive information
  • Failing to abide by social media site’s advertising policies as well as state contest and sweepstakes rules
  • Failing to abide by the FTC’s newly issued guidelines for advertising, being liable for unauthorized statements made by a blogger
  • Discrimination in hiring employees through internet job postings;
  • Lack of adequate terms of use and privacy policies
  • Bad or no social media policy

For more information on or about the Expo, click on the link below:


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