Daliah Saper quoted by Vice.com in article about Youtube and Piracy

Daliah Saper was quoted in an October 20th article published in Vice/Motherboad Magazine.  Written by Michael Sugarman, the piece focuses on the extraordinary place and power YouTube/Google has over copyrighted content.

Specifically, Sugarman shows how Youtube is able to set its own rules and become a kind of “black market” for copyrighted material.  The loosely applicable, decades-old Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the “DMCA”), Sugarman notes, shields YouTube from most legal liability for hosting infringing content.  Daliah helps explain how YouTube shields itself from liability via the DMCA.  Sugarman goes on to emphasize the “pragmatic futility”of this link-specific take down notice system when it comes to companies like YouTube that host so much content.  YouTube’s ContentID program, as Sugarman puts it, merely turned what was a “billion-dollar lawsuit into a business deal.”  Taking a more cynical view towards YouTube then most, Sugarman’s article certainly makes some good points and raises some interesting questions in the debate about access and copyright protection in the digital age.

To read the entire article, click on the link below: