When Public Relations (PR) and Law Intersect: Reputation Management

By Published On: August 25, 2017Categories: News

Public conflicts between individuals or businesses happen every day, and fortunately there are legal remedies available to wronged parties. However, the legal process is incredibly slow compared to the speed at which information spreads online. In cases of defamation, for example, a defamed individual or business can suffer serious reputational damage before they have a chance to take action. Even in conflicts in which neither side wants to involve lawyers, when private disputes spill over into public forums like social media, personal or business brands can be damaged. If a public dispute is not managed correctly, the damage can be rapid and permanent.

When it comes to public disputes or high-profile cases, the key to preventing reputational damage is a great public relations, or PR, strategy.

This can involve everything from making official statements to the press, to crafting posts for social media, to contacting website administrators to remove defamatory posts. In short, in the age of social media, PR is far more complex than ever before–which is why having representation that understands how information flows online is essential. Thanks to our focus on tech and social media, Saper Law attorneys understand the complexities of modern public relations and can help you simultaneously protect your brand and resolve the conflict, whether in or out of court.

Our specific public relations services include:

  • Press conference preparation and execution
  • Press releases
  • Public statements
  • Social media posts and responses
  • Website copy
  • Defamation defense

If you or your business is involved in a public dispute–especially if you are the victim of defamation–or if you have questions about PR and reputation management, contact us or book a consultation.

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