Saper Law Client Beyonav Acquired by Zenuity

Long time Saper Law client Beyonav LLC – a cutting-edge, Chicago-based navigation technology company- announced its acquisition by Zenuity AB earlier this month.  See the full press release here.

Saper Law, which has represented Beyonav since it was formed in April 2009, assisted Beyonav in negotiating the sale of its assets to the Swedish-based company.  The firm counseled Beyonav throughout the process, advising on the structure of the deal, drafting the appropriate documents, and ensuring that Beyonav’s interests were properly positioned for both now and in the future. As part of the deal, Zenuity acquired rights to the Beyonav name, its proprietary mapping software, Beyomap, and other intellectual property.

Jens Nitzschke, Beyonav’s Founder & President, has joined Zenuity’s U.S. subsidiary, Zenuity, Inc., as Director Map Infrastructure. He provided the following review of his experience with Saper Law:

Over the years Saper Law has been providing outstanding legal support to Beyonav, focused and highly efficient. A noteworthy quality is the level transparency of the process, Daliah’s and Chad’s ability to translate legal language into plain English. In addition, their flexibility in adapting to scheduling requirements and dealing with different time zones as well as responsibly pulling in external resources has been very impressive. While the negotiation process was an intense experience the level of professionalism has been truly enjoyable. Daliah and her team are  shining stars taking care of a dry yet important aspect of any business in a personal and pleasant way. Thank you, Daliah, Chad and the whole Saper Law team!  

Zenuity is a company at the forefront of autonomous driving (AD) technology, developing revolutionary software to support advanced driver assist systems (ADAS). Beyonav’s innovative product Beyomap- a mapping software that processes geographical data in run-time format- combined with Zenuity’s “Connected Roadview Product,” will enhance the company’s ability to achieve new heights in navigation technology. The parties believe that Beyomap will provide Zenuity with improved design, a more efficient map database engine, cloud-based software systems, additional support for mapping technology, and a navigation software model for road mapping equipped with safety sensors.

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