The Chicago Tribune Quotes Daliah Saper in Article About Anonymous Google Doc and Defamation.

The Chicago Tribune recently quoted Daliah Saper in its September 25, 2018 article: An anonymous Google doc took down the Orwells, but how much power should such allegations have in the #MeToo era?

The article explores the legal ramifications of making allegations anonymously and disseminating other people’s statements without having personal knowledge of their veracity.

Saper Law represents Plaintiffs and Defendants in Defamation lawsuits on a regular basis:

“Creators of a Google document could also potentially face legal action, such as a defamation lawsuit, explains Daliah Saper, an attorney and founder of Saper Law in Chicago.

“Everyone is using the internet as a sword,” Saper says. “If (the allegations) are true, then great — these women are doing a public service. If some of them are not true, they have effectively ruined the reputation of (some) men with a keystroke. Once you have been accused of sexual assault it is hard to come back from that.”

To read the entire article, click here.

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