Saper Law Client Spotlight – Good Content Media, LLC

It’s no secret that social media platforms are at the center of media consumption. In the U.S., 72% of the adult population uses some type of social media, a figure which has climbed year after year. Although Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have been the most widely used platforms for years, young adults have become particularly fond of Snapchat and TikTok compared to older adults, with 65% saying they use Snapchat and 48% saying they use TikTok.Good Content is capitalizing on this expanded interest. The company’s hit series have generated tens of millions of views across Snapchat and TikTok.


In 2021, Good Content released five series about vastly different topics: Knack celebrates talented artists and artistic processes, songpsych analyzes popular songs, bigweirdworld breaks down crazy stories throughout human and natural history, Swipe Talk discusses dating apps and modern dating culture, and diydontbuy offers helpful tips on DIY clothing projects. No matter whether a user wants to watch something informative of something comedic, Good Content offers a series on it. 

Saper Law helps Good Content with a variety of legal matters including: drafting and negotiating talent, partner, and vendor agreements; copyrighting developed content and protecting commissioned content: trademarking new series names; and advising on legal issues specific to social media and online content.

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  • Obtaining and negotiating copyright licenses for music, video, photography, and other content
  • Counseling on appropriate model releases and how to avoid misappropriation or right of publicity suits
  • Ensuring compliance  with FTC disclosure laws governing endorsements and influencers
  • Identifying and protecting your trademark assets
  • Creating sponsorship, affiliate marketing, influencer and advertising agreements
  • Ensuring comparative advertising campaigns do not invite trademark or corporate disparagement suits
  • Counseling on appropriate keyword and Google-ad-word usage in online ad campaigns
  • Explaining best practices when marketing and disseminating content on social media platforms

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