FOX 32 Chicago Interviews Daliah Saper About the Google Privacy Class-Action Settlement 

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FOX 32 Chicago interviewed Daliah Saper today to discuss the Google class-action lawsuit that many Illinois residents may be eligible to benefit from. Google reached a settlement agreement this past year, agreeing to pay $100 million to individuals that have been impacted and qualify for relief. Daliah discussed what the Biometric Information Privacy Act is, why it was created and how it pertains to the specific Google class-action lawsuit at hand. She also clarified how eligible residents may be able to obtain a portion of the settlement. 

Similar to Facebook’s $650 million settlement, Google is settling as it has violated the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act by scanning an individual’s face and grouping their pictures on the application without making a data retention policy publicly available to users. This data retention policy would include how long Google keeps this information, and how they will dispose of the information when it has reached this specified time. Daliah proposes that this settlement will adversely affect other applications, such as the use of filters and other features that users may find enjoyable. 

Watch the interview here:

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