Daliah Saper Presents at Internet Law Leadership Summit

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The Internet Law Leadership Summit is an annual gathering of internet law practitioners in Las Vegas, Nevada. Internet lawyers and attorneys delve deep into the past year’s internet law developments and debate all the major forthcoming internet law related cases, laws and policies from the USA, Canada and Europe. The event is invite-only and the organization carefully selects its attendees.

Daliah Saper presented to the group of internet law practitioners on the topic of online reviews and one-star ratings. Daliah discussed Saper Law’s recent win in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, where the court ruled that negative reviews did NOT constitute defamation–even when written by non-clients.

In her presentation, Daliah explained that businesses who want to get bad reviews removed shouldn’t seek the courts as their first option. Reviewers have protected First Amendment rights to their negative comments and one-star ratings, as long as they constitute opinions.

Instead, businesses must consult the terms of use of the review platforms directly and get the platforms themselves to cooperate. It is difficult to successfully sue reviewers unless their statements are visibly and provably false.

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