Video Recap of Saper Law’s 17th Anniversary Summer Soiree

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Thank you to all of the Saper Law Offices, LLC clients, and friends that came out to celebrate our 17th year in business!

Since 2005, Saper Law has represented a wide variety of clients from around the world. Our attorneys have made headlines for tackling novel internet and social media cases, and we are consistently ranked as a top law firm for intellectual property, entertainment, new media, and business law.

View highlights from the celebratory evening by clicking the video link below and scroll down to see how Saper Law can help you and your business!

Saper Law’s 17th Anniversary Summer Soiree at IO Godfrey from Saper Law on Vimeo.

As a reminder, Saper Law can help you with:

  • Getting your IP and Brand Portfolio in Order
    • Need to copyright new photos, videos, web content, music, etc?
    • Need to trademark a new slogan?
    • Need a domain and user name audit?
    • Running a sweepstakes or contest?
    • Hiring influencers to promote your brand?
  • Making sure your Terms of Use are Compliant
    • Need to update your Website Terms of Use or Privacy Policy?
    • Are you in compliance with various data privacy laws?
    • Have a plan in the event your databases are hacked?
  • Drafting Business Contracts
    • Starting a new business?
    • Buying or selling your business?
    • Want to license your or someone else’s IP?
    • Hiring new employees, contractors, or vendors?
    • Updating your app or website and working with developers?
  • Reviewing Entertainment Deals
    • Publishing a book?
    • Making a movie?
    • Recording music?
    • Creating original artwork?
    • Need to create contracts?
  • Representing you in State and Federal Litigation
    • Need to sue?
    • Facing a potential suit?
    • Need to litigate your commercial disputes?

Do you need assistance? For more information about Saper Law’s services, contact Saper Law at 312-527-4100 or book a consultation here.

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