Saper Law Client Spotlight – Goat, Wolf, & Cabbage, LLC

Saper Law’s Client Spotlight is a new series highlighting our various practice areas through client features. This month, we are shining a spotlight on our intellectual property and corporate law practice by featuring Saper Law client, Goat, Wolf, & Cabbage, LLC

Meet Tommy of Goat, Wolf, & Cabbage

As households look for a “digital detox,” they often turn to board games. Amid the pandemic, the board game market saw a 20% growth.

Saper Law client, Tommy Maranges, is a writer, game designer, and one of the founding members of Goat, Wolf, & Cabbage, the Chicago-based publisher of the hit board game Secret Hitler. A few years ago, their Kickstarter campaign for the game raised almost $1.5 million. It was one of the most successful tabletop games in Kickstarter’s history.

The game is set in 1930’s Germany, and sees players sowing distrust and investigating teammates as secret members of either liberals or fascists. It is a part of a class of games known as “Social Deduction Games,” and is considered by some to have revitalized the genre.

Saper Law provides legal counsel to Goat, Wolf, & Cabbage, LLC, the company behind Secret Hitler and several other games.

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